Mapping threats to peace and democracy worldwide: Normandy Index 2020

Written by Elena Lazarou,

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The ‘Normandy Index’, now in its second year, aims to measure the level of threats to peace, security and democracy around the world. It was presented for the first time on the occasion of the Normandy Peace Forum in June 2019, as a result of a partnership between the European Parliament and the Region of Normandy. The Index has been designed and prepared by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), in conjunction with and on the basis of data provided by the Institute for Economics and Peace. This paper sets out the findings of the 2020 exercise and explains how the Index can be used to compare peace – defined on the basis of a given country’s performance against a range of predetermined threats – across countries and regions. It is complemented by 40 individual country case studies, derived from the Index.

The paper forms part of the EPRS contribution to the Normandy World Peace Forum 2020. It is accompanied by two studies, one on the EU’s contribution to peace and security in 2020, the other on EU support for peace in the Sahel.

Read this study on ‘Mapping threats to peace and democracy worldwide: Normandy Index 2020‘ in the Think Tank pages of the European Parliament.

Normandy Index, 2020

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