Ensuring more transparent and predictable working conditions [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Monika Kiss (1st edition),

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An employer’s obligation to inform their employees on the conditions applicable to their contracts is regulated by Directive 91/533/EEC. Major shifts in the labour market due to demographic trends and digitalisation, spawning a growing number of non-standard employment relationships (such as part-time, temporary and on-demand work), have made it necessary to revise the directive.

The European Commission has responded to the need for a change with a proposal aimed at updating and extending the information on employment-related obligations and working conditions, and at creating new minimum standards for all employed workers, including those on atypical contracts.

In the European Parliament, the Committee for Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) has published a draft report focused on the scope of the directive, on employees’ working hours and the conditions for making information available to them, and on employers’ responsibilities.


EU Legislation in progress timeline

Source Article from https://epthinktank.eu/2018/10/16/ensuring-more-transparent-and-predictable-working-conditions-eu-legislation-in-progress/