Strengthening market surveillance of harmonised industrial products [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Nikolina Šajn (1st edition),


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Harmonised products represent 69 % of the overall value of industrial products in the internal market. However, a significant part of these products does not comply with harmonised EU rules. This has negative effects on the health and safety of consumers and on fair competition between businesses.

To remedy the situation, the Commission proposed, on 19 December 2017, strengthening market surveillance rules for non-food products harmonised by EU legislation. The proposal for a compliance and enforcement regulation would increase EU-level coordination of market surveillance, clarify the procedures for the mutual assistance mechanism, and require non-EU manufacturers to designate a natural or legal person responsible for compliance information in charge of cooperating with the EU market surveillance authorities. In the European Parliament, a rapporteur has been appointed, and the proposal will be discussed in committee.


Stage: Commission proposal

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