The new EPRS App is available now!

Written by Mitja Brus,

EPRSWe begin 2018 with an exciting new European Parliamentary Research Service product! As of this week, you can download our brand new app to keep up-to-date with EPRS publications, and read them anywhere at any time on your smartphone or tablet.

The app gives you access to some 4 000 publications from July 2014 onwards, each of them available in full-text. All publications are sorted according to their length, so depending on how much time you have, you can quickly select what type of publication you need. You can also browse all publications by policy area, for example, if you are only interested in foreign affairs, all our publications are only two clicks away.

For those who prefer searching, we have added a powerful and fast search engine. Simply type your search term or keyword in the search box and publications are adapted to your search immediately. If you still have too many results, filters help you to narrow the results down by policy area, author, type of publication, and date of publication.

To allow you to read our publications when it’s most convenient for you, we also provide offline access. Inside the app, your Reading List is your personal folder, where you can collect the publications you want to read while travelling and not connected to the internet. Just swipe the title of the publication, then ‘add to reading list’, and the full text of the publication will be stored on your mobile device to read later.

Available for smartphones and tablets, you can download both versions of the app from Google Play and App Store.

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