Proportionality test for new national regulations for professions [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Monika Kiss,

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In the EU, professions are regulated at Member State level. Qualification requirements can differ widely between Member States, due to their respective historical development and experience. This can lead to a lack of clarity on the criteria used, and result in fragmentation of the single market. The proposed directive on a proportionality test before adoption of new regulation of professions, tabled by the European Commission on 10 January 2017, seeks to improve transparency as to how certain professions are regulated in the Member States. The legislative proposal intends to harmonise the way in which proportionality tests are carried out, before Member States introduce new regulation on professions and the criteria to be applied, in accordance with European Court of Justice rulings. The directive will supplement provisions of Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and the Professional Qualifications Directive (2013/55/EU).


Stage: Committee vote

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