Road transport: Driving, breaks, rest times and tachographs [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Damiano Scordamaglia (1st edition),

Red Semi Truck. Caucasian Truck Driver Preparing For the Next Destination.

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Road haulage is important for the EU transport economy: in 2015, it accounted for almost 50 % of freight transport. The EU has developed a range of social and market rules to contribute to the setting up of a fair, well-functioning, safe and socially sustainable road transport sector. The Driving Time and Tachograph regulations were adopted to improve drivers’ working conditions and road safety, as well as to enhance compliance with the rules and competition between road operators. In the context of the European Commission’s 2017 ‘Europe on the move’ package, the current proposal aims to remedy shortcomings of the Driving Time and Tachograph regulations, on which a broad consensus among stakeholders, EU institutions and experts has emerged: lack of clarity, non-uniform implementation, insufficient enforcement and need for strengthened cooperation between Member States and authorities.


  • Stage: National parliaments

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