Common procedure for asylum [EU Legislation in progress]

Written by Anita Orav (1st edition),

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As one of five key acts of the common European asylum system (CEAS), the Asylum Procedures Directive sets out common procedures for Member States for granting and withdrawing international protection in accordance with the Qualification Directive. Following the large influx of asylum-seekers to the European Union since 2014, the directive came under criticism for being too complex and leaving Member States too broad a discretion, leading to differences in length of procedures and procedural guarantees, for example through the use of accelerated procedures and safe country lists.

As part of the reform of the CEAS, on 13 July 2016, the Commission published a proposal to replace the current directive with a regulation establishing a common procedure for international protection in all Member States. The choice of a directly applicable regulation is expected to bring about full harmonisation of the procedures, ensuring same steps, timeframes and safeguards across the EU.



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