Wholesale roaming regulation: A precondition for ‘roam like at home’ [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Mar Negreiro (1st edition),

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In 2015 the Council and European Parliament agreed in Regulation 2015/2120 that on 15 June 2017 roaming charges for mobile phone use would be abolished in the EU. After that date, ‘roam like at home’ (RLAH) would become a reality for all Europeans.

The regulation did not, however, address the wholesale roaming market, on account of the need to investigate market conditions in more depth. A review for the European Commission concluded that national wholesale roaming markets are not working well and need regulatory intervention. It therefore proposed a regulation establishing the maximum level of wholesale roaming charges that telecoms operators can charge each other, to take effect from 15 June 2017. Stakeholder reactions are divided: while consumers would enjoy free roaming, operators are worried about recovering costs at wholesale level.

On 29 November, Parliament’s Industry Committee voted for a reduction in the call and data wholesale caps proposed by the Commission.


Committee vote


estimated wholesale data costs

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