New radio frequencies for mobile internet services [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Marcin Szczepański (1st edition),

New radio frequencies for mobile internet services

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While radio spectrum management is predominantly a national competence, EU policy plays an increasingly important role in its coordination and harmonisation. The EU actively seeks ways to harmonise use of the different bands of the spectrum to meet the ever-growing demand for wireless mobile broadband. Nevertheless, spectrum allocation in the EU remains fragmented and varies among the Member States.

Following developments in the international framework, as well as the considerations of high-level expert groups and a public consultation, the Commission adopted a long-term strategy for use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band. The strategy proposes to repurpose the 694-790 MHz band, to use it for wireless broadband rather than television broadcasting. The latter is to have priority in the 470-694 MHz band.

Initial reactions to the proposal underline that it may have positive consequences in terms of quality and coverage of wireless internet, but may also lead to substantial costs for some parties, such as the broadcasting industry and consumers, who would need to adapt to the new technology.









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