Animal health law: Rules on transmissible animal diseases [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Beata Rojek-Podgórska (1st edition),

Vaccination of piglets

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Transmissible animal diseases can have a significant impact on animal and public health and on the economy. Current EU legislation in the field developed over decades and consists of a large number of acts. In an evaluation initiated by the Commission, the legislation was assessed as generally well-functioning and effective, but also as complex and lacking an overarching strategy. The rules, often adopted in response to crises, focus on combating diseases rather than on prevention.

The Commission has proposed to create a single regulatory framework for rules related to the control of transmissible animal diseases. Most current provisions would be adapted, aligned and made more coherent. The proposed regulation would introduce prioritisation and categorisation of diseases, clarify responsibilities and place stronger focus on disease prevention. Most of the existing acts would be repealed.

After trilogues in view of an early second reading agreement, Parliament is expected to vote in plenary to confirm the agreed text in March 2016.


Stage: Second reading


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